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We need your help!


Dear Friends,
We need your help.  We have gotten to a point in our business where the demand for our chocolate exceeds our capacity to produce.  We are a very small company and our profit margins are very low so we can provide the best chocolate at an affordable price.  However, the cost of this is that we do not have a lot of surplus.

Our current small melangers, which we use to grind out raw cacao nibs, are just not enough any more to keep up our growth, so we need a full scale commercial melanger.  We are asking for your help.  By donating money, you will be helping us grow, and you will receive perks as a reward. 

Thank you for all your help and support, and for loving out chocolate.  We wouldn't be here without all of you.

With love,
The Raw Magic family.


Our Chocolate

We believe that raw cacao is a super food, so we have prepared our chocolate with the simplest ingredients possible: raw cacao and raw honey.  Because chocolate is a food, not a candy.



Our new online shop allows you to browse our selection of bars, mini's and boxes of all four of our flavours. Our new customer login makes it easier than ever to order our chocolate. 




We are now offering chocolate subscriptions!  Every month receive a box of our chocolate right to your door.  Because being an adult has to have its perks!



Our Mission. To heal the Heart of Humanity.


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